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The Author in 2023

I am a first generation Norwegian-American poet, playwright, lyricist, songwriter, translator, and educator. I've taught literature, theatre arts, technical theatre and music in the USA, Venezuela, Turkey and France which has allowed me to travel, write and produce theater and above all, learn from my students, the world over.

I am a member of the SACD (Société des auteurs et compositeurs dramatiques) and the Dramatists Guild of America. While I'm currently based in Chicagoland; I am at home in the USA and France.

You can read my unpublished work here on New Play Exchange

After years of not sending my work "out there"... (*) and just being caught up in life, writing & producing & teaching etc. I am very pleased to announce that this past school year, on sabbatical, I published:


1) ELLIS ISLAND AHEAD! with Eldridge Plays and Musicals


2) Volume 1 of IN THE LIMELIGHT short plays for large casts (self published)





4) And two monologues THERE ARE NO CLOSETS IN MY CLASSROOM and EINAR'S RAGNAROK have been included in the Smith and Kraus anthologies WE-US: Monologues for Gender Minority Characters and The Best Female Monologues of 2023 respectively.

(*) I did try with ONE play publisher some years ago and while unsuccessful, it turned out to be a good life lesson: Publishing is not the highlight, creating is the real joy! I am so glad I carried on and didn't let this ONE publishing house break my spirit! 

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