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“This is a charming, faithful adaptation of a beloved classic, perfect for a large ensemble of actor-singers. The performance text is full of carefully curated music suggestive of the wit and humor of both Austen and the theatrical world she's created. The piece moves swiftly with incredible efficiency - it would make a wonderful school or community production, as I imagine the whole thing could be performed with a simple, minimalist set. Ultimately, this piece is a tight adaptation full of great roles for young women, and it's absolutely in the spirit of the novel!”
Aly Kantor, playwright

“I adore Jane Austen and have seen or read a number of adaptations and this one by the incredibly talented Nora Louise Syran ranks among the best! It is faithful spirit of Austen (retaining much of her text), with songs and music that not only fit seamlessly into the world of story but move the plot forward. In short, *this* is the adaptation of Pride and Prejudice I yearn to see staged!”
John Patrick Bray, playwright

“What a great play for young audiences! In addition to correcting some historical inaccuracies that have entered the collective conscious, it also reminds the audience to always think critically and consider the source - Just because something is written down doesn't mean that it's true. This would be a perfect play to mount at a high school, as there are lots of roles for teens and a great take away message. "

-Lisa Dellagiarino, playwright


"Nora Louise Syran has a wonderful talent for translating history into theater for young performers and audiences. Through relatable characters all trying to navigate school social and political life, OUR FAKE HISTORY teaches the importance of critical thinking and the dangers of deliberate misinformation. Any publisher, theater company, or school that would shy away from this piece because it is controversial is in the wrong business. This play truly deserves a wide audience!"
-Morey Norkin, playwright

“ What a brilliantly thought-out concept. From the stereotypically labeled students to the grandeur of enlightening students through multiple classes throughout the day, the manipulation of history is drawn out in a fun and engaging way. Through poetry, monologues, songs, and dialogue. Sparking wonderful debates about school politics and the metaphorical relations to our political world creates a cacophony of competing tension filled moments. I could go on and on, but instead, everyone should read this, I want to see it on stage. Nora walks away with a prophetic demand! You have to read it though, it is certainly wise! ”
-Joe Swenson, playwright

"What a joyful adaptation! A must for Austen fans. The classic, familiar story outfitted with music selected from the revered author’s own playlist. A truly delightful piece of theater."
- Christopher Soucy, playwright

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